Boat of Pankratius 1

Boat of Pankratius

Aug.2012   Gmuend in Kaernten, AUSTRIA   Guest Atelier Maltator

Boat of Pankratius

4.5m(L) 0.65m(W) 0.9m(H) branch grass bark moss dried flower sand


Boat of Pankratius

Dating back to the Middle Ages
A young couple fell in love
Beyond the social barrier
Forbidden love

In darkest nights, Pankratius set out on his boat
To meet her, while no one noticed
Navigated only by the dim candle light from her window

One night, a sudden storm blew off the candlelight.
Losing the way, Pankratius was swallowed by turbulent waves and finally died.

On the place where his crushed boat was found,
Grieving lover built a church.

This sad folk story about the origin of the church
Is still alive in the minds of people living here in Gmuend
Now, it’s summer several hundreds of years since then
On the legendry site,
I create a boat, a crushed boat
Looking up at the ruins of the Middle Ages

But, the boat no longer symbolizes tragedy
Over his enthusiastic adoration and her desperate grief,
Here, “Time” alone silently governs.

In the passage of “Time”,
Everything is ephemeral